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After my rant about cell phones in my “ecology of the media” blog, I am brought right back to topic six which is asking us to explain another medium that we can admit, has shaped our lives. I wanted to go in a bit of a different direction this time. I am not going to choose a type of technology but more of a medium; the news. Our lives are in the news, reflect the news and are controlled by the news.

Taking Media Studies in University is almost as close as you can get to being involved with the daily worldwide news. For at least one of our classes it is mandatory to watch, understand, and be tested on the news. Every day, I am reading the Toronto Star to find out about murders, watching CityPulse for new health advancements and listening to the radio for gas prices. Whichever medium the news is being communicated through, I am definitely affected.

Each news ‘deliverer’ has a unique view of ‘how it all went down.’ Different news channels and newspapers tell the same story, from the same day, and somehow provide completely different information. Why is this? It could be the people they talked to, the time they arrived, and the biases or involvements they already have with dealing with similar issues. The news relates perfectly to the article we were given titled, “What nice handwriting.” It “is not just what is said but how it is said.”  

The news gives me permission to take curiosity in this world and also to prove to me that we are selfish beings. The news consists of different types of stories. The good, the bad and the weather. The news opens with one or two shocking news reports that are completely devastating. This is followed by a local story that touches my heart. Then these may flip flop back and forth before giving me the weather, getting me back in track with my own life. I say we are selfish because the news is simply entertainment for most. I watch it, then maybe talk about it for a day or two, then forget about it. Losing my cell phone for the day hits me harder than a serial rapist escaping from jail. It is sad how we just watch everything around us.   

My reactions from what I see on TV make me who I am, because I have my own biases as well. I see three people debating on TV and immediately say, “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, she’s in a fantasy world, and well…he’s just a complete tool.” So who am I going to vote for? It all depends on my initial instinct to what I see. Referring to the news as a medium that influences my life couldn’t have been better timing. Exactly one week from today is the Canadian election.

Please watch this video and have as good of a laugh as I did.

Of course, if anyone knows The Onion News, they know it is a fake news broadcasting company. This was a very literal view of how most watch the news. However, this was just some comedic relief to the intense review of the world. The news is just that; a summary of what society views as ‘important,’ in less than 10 minutes. J


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    Ian Reilly said,

    another moment to reflect on neil postman’s writings. here is an excerpt from postman’s “amusing ourselves to death”:

    this is very relevant to your discussion here.


  2. 2

    candicereggi said,

    i forgot to tell you i read this!
    definately relates. i liked it. thanks ian.

    🙂 c-reg

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