Deconstructing Advertisements – [.the.good.the.bad.and.the.ugly.]

I really took my time with posting my blog this week, because I was searching for the perfect advertisement. During my search, I came across some that were scandalous, others that were clever and most that were full out stupid. I didn’t know how I wanted to depict advertisements because you could go on a rant either way. Advertisements are there to get companies names out, and the way they present their name is going to determine how the average person portrays the company. I really am tired of all the negative buzzing about organizations and want to recognize and congratulate those who have used advertisements to their true benefit.   


There were a lot of really cool ads that I wanted to list here, however, I want to critique two in particular, which are putting awareness out there.




The 1st one is a very clever way of telling you not to drink and drive. To see something that says, “RESERVED FOR DRUNK DRIVERS,” makes you ‘double take’ on what you just saw. It is easy to relate to in a sense that every time we see a drunken accident, the car is wrapped around a tree, a pole, or another car. It is a scary thought to look at that picture and think that perhaps next time you see this same spot it could be a completely different scene. It also kind of makes you laugh for some reason, even though it is a very serious issue. These advertisers have appealed to so many of your senses that it’s insane. You can almost picture an accident happening before your eyes. You hear the horns, smell the burning rubber, touch the shattered the glass, and even see the victims. I really do love getting awareness out there about something that affects not only other drivers, but pedestrians as well.


Secondly, I loved the bench add because it was funny, and something that can apply to so much more than bench space and water usage. A bench is something you walk or drive by every day, and we only take notice to it if something is strange. Whether people ate sitting on it, or it is completely empty, we don’t need to look at it. That would be like looking at every fire hydrant we pass. They are virtually all the same. This bench, however, is different so it catches our eye. We look at that bench and say, “Wow, so true.” Whether you relate those five words, “USE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED,” to the food you taste, the media you see, or the water you touch and use, it is a great motto. Once again, almost all our senses have been reached. McLuhan much?   


One of the top reasons why I liked these ads was because it wasn’t trying to directly sell a specific product to you, but more so the idea behind it. It was making the public aware of what their organizations fight for, and work hard to accomplish.


I really got into the “Understanding Comics”  book last week and one topic that was mentioned in the book was that every person perceives the same thing differently. Whether it is their opinion on a certain issue, or literally their physical sight of something, different people have different views. In the book it reads, “I’ve never seen the earth from space firsthand, yet I trust that the earth is round… I have never been in the house across the street, yet I assume it has an interior, that it isn’t just some big movie set!” This motto can apply to everyone and anyone. In my leadership class, my Prof. held a water bottle in his hand at the front of the class and asked a person on his left to describe the look of it, than a person on the right to. Each had a similar ‘outline’ for the bottle, but when it got down to the nitty-gritty’s such as label colour and indentations of the bottle, the two students had completely different views. Did this make one student more right than the other? No. It’s literally just how they saw it.   

This advertisement can be viewed as really well done, or a waste of money and time. It really depends on who you are, and the bias’s you already have. You know my view. What’s yours? J


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