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Around this time last week (Tuesday, 8:36pm) about 80% of our class was freaking out – well 80% of the people I asked anyways. Nobody really had a concrete idea of what they wanted to do, or what they were finishing up. This media auto-biography was getting to everyone. People knew what media they had chosen, and the point they wanted to get across, but no one knew full force what affected them as a 17, 18, & 19  year-old kid. Since Ian is so gung-ho about McLuhan’s ways, he wanted us to show the others in our class what type of media represents us as the best “extension” of our bodies. He wanted to get to know us, and so did the rest of our fellow GH-ers. This right here, was mass media.

To me, mass media is simply some form of media getting out to some mass of people. This is my diagram/equation for mass media:

“Until recently mass media was clearly defined and was comprised of the eight mass media industries; Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Recordings, Radio, Movies, Television and The Internet.” [1] This quote amazes me because when I think media, I think 21st century. I think of each and every form of technology that has either been invented or even innovated. Media is a new thing, and I can’t imagine talking about ‘media in the past’ and ‘what media used to be.’ Media is one of those things that people 30 years ago never would have believed the mass explosion of popularity. But for someone to say there were only ‘eight media industries’ just sounds weird to me.

I really don’t see media as being the topic of study – I see it being the method to study by. I don’t imagine people sitting around observing how often a patient picks up a magazine at a dentist office, or how frequently a specific topic is researched on Google. However, the studies and hours put into understanding mass media are uncountable. This shows us that what we know and understand now about mass media is only bound to change. I know it’s cliché, but who knows what the future holds? J   


 [1] Media Inc. What is Mass Media?. Aug. 2005. 23 Sept. 2008 <;




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  1. 1

    Laura said,

    I really liked your comment. And the fact that you mentioned the freaking out last week. I certainly was! The last sentance isn’t that cliche…I like your style

  2. 2

    Stephanie said,

    Very true words.
    I especially loved your diagram… very creative and visual way of explaining exactly
    what you want to say. I’m sure Ian will be proud:)

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