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I actually found, and still find, this week’s blog quite challenging for the simple reason that it is so broad. I feel like I was just told, “Your assignment for today is to write an essay on anything.” Technology itself is so overwhelming, that it is even more tedious to write about. It is difficult to find that ‘proper’ start and finish point; or talk and end buttons.  

The remarkable thing about the cell phone is that it really isn’t only a cell phone anymore. Tell me, from what company can you buy a phone that simply dials calls, and stores a contact list? Rogers? Bell? Telus? Nope, none. They simply no longer exist. Phone features range from unlimited text messaging, to $9.99 downloadable games. Phones are so incredibly smart; they can perform math with the handy calculator, or wake you up with the dandy alarm clock. Getting into a discussion on the features of the cell phone would take enough words that could represent all 13 of my blogs.

Cell phones are viewed as glamorous, but also inexpensive, and this is the problem. People see them as a need more than a want, and an affordable one at that. Not all cell phones are the same; let it be the look, features or price. Selecting your phone is all a representation of your personality. James Katz, a professor of communication, claims that, “There are some countries with more cell phones than people.”

Why talk to the person sitting beside you if you can send them a funny text message? If you’re bored of your professor’s voice, just bring up Tetris and play away! Interaction between others is on a constant decline. The phone had a purpose to talk to one another on occasion, however now fulfils a completely different function. Cell phones are incredibly distracting since they usually go wherever their owner goes. Given that you customize your phone to do what you want it to, you rarely get bored of it.     

The cell phone is culturally shocking. No longer do we have Zack Morris, ‘Saved By the Bell’ phones either. The cell phone has not made its way into our culture, rather has created its own. J


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MIT Communications Forum. Cell Phone Culture. November 2005. 2002. <;


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    Laura said,

    I like the comics! They’re really funny and illustrate your point about cell phones having everything. Good post!~

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