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So there we sat in our GH classroom, staring at this new professor, Ian Reilly, who claims he wants to destroy us. He wants us all to be scared until the point of complete engulfment, where we don’t know what to do with ourselves. It was different, but I liked it, because I am always up for a good challenge, especially one I have somewhat of a chance in winning. Creating this blog was no challenge, but more of an innovative spin on how interactions in classes are now taking place. It was like writing an essay – electronic style. I provided my name, a title, and a topic, and before I knew it, the keyboard was typing and here I am. With neatly organized headings and directions on, I found out how to make my blog look the way it does, as well as observe the others in the cyberspace world around me. I feel that anyone who is literate can create what all 95 of us just did.


I think the simplicity that I carry through everything defines who I am, and who others see me as. In the public eye I am a girl who smiles all the time and tries to find the best in any situation. My role in this sphere we call earth is to be a friend. I am no rich genius, creative artist, or even a superstar athlete; just an honest growing girl who is ready to take on anything. Oh, and not to mention, another one of the million bloggers out there. J


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  1. 1

    vdidom01 said,

    I liked your last sentence 🙂

  2. 2

    jmetni said,

    Hey, i’m in your mass comm class. do you mind my addigng your blog to my links list? You have a good sense of humour in your first post!=]

  3. 3

    jmetni said,

    sorry, my name is julie by the way.

  4. 4

    Ian Reilly said,

    you’re already putting your subjectivity up front and i think this will serve you well in your writing.

    i look forward to reading more,

  5. 5

    lookseelistenhear said,

    I love the style of your writing in the beginning of this blog. You really make the reader feel comfortable and involved. Reading some blogs can sometimes seem cold and formulaic, even when the author has obviously made an attempt to draw the reader in. But, not this post! Nice job! 🙂

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