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Around this time last week (Tuesday, 8:36pm) about 80% of our class was freaking out – well 80% of the people I asked anyways. Nobody really had a concrete idea of what they wanted to do, or what they were finishing up. This media auto-biography was getting to everyone. People knew what media they had chosen, and the point they wanted to get across, but no one knew full force what affected them as a 17, 18, & 19  year-old kid. Since Ian is so gung-ho about McLuhan’s ways, he wanted us to show the others in our class what type of media represents us as the best “extension” of our bodies. He wanted to get to know us, and so did the rest of our fellow GH-ers. This right here, was mass media.

To me, mass media is simply some form of media getting out to some mass of people. This is my diagram/equation for mass media:

“Until recently mass media was clearly defined and was comprised of the eight mass media industries; Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Recordings, Radio, Movies, Television and The Internet.” [1] This quote amazes me because when I think media, I think 21st century. I think of each and every form of technology that has either been invented or even innovated. Media is a new thing, and I can’t imagine talking about ‘media in the past’ and ‘what media used to be.’ Media is one of those things that people 30 years ago never would have believed the mass explosion of popularity. But for someone to say there were only ‘eight media industries’ just sounds weird to me.

I really don’t see media as being the topic of study – I see it being the method to study by. I don’t imagine people sitting around observing how often a patient picks up a magazine at a dentist office, or how frequently a specific topic is researched on Google. However, the studies and hours put into understanding mass media are uncountable. This shows us that what we know and understand now about mass media is only bound to change. I know it’s cliché, but who knows what the future holds? J   


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The Ecology of Media – []

I actually found, and still find, this week’s blog quite challenging for the simple reason that it is so broad. I feel like I was just told, “Your assignment for today is to write an essay on anything.” Technology itself is so overwhelming, that it is even more tedious to write about. It is difficult to find that ‘proper’ start and finish point; or talk and end buttons.  

The remarkable thing about the cell phone is that it really isn’t only a cell phone anymore. Tell me, from what company can you buy a phone that simply dials calls, and stores a contact list? Rogers? Bell? Telus? Nope, none. They simply no longer exist. Phone features range from unlimited text messaging, to $9.99 downloadable games. Phones are so incredibly smart; they can perform math with the handy calculator, or wake you up with the dandy alarm clock. Getting into a discussion on the features of the cell phone would take enough words that could represent all 13 of my blogs.

Cell phones are viewed as glamorous, but also inexpensive, and this is the problem. People see them as a need more than a want, and an affordable one at that. Not all cell phones are the same; let it be the look, features or price. Selecting your phone is all a representation of your personality. James Katz, a professor of communication, claims that, “There are some countries with more cell phones than people.”

Why talk to the person sitting beside you if you can send them a funny text message? If you’re bored of your professor’s voice, just bring up Tetris and play away! Interaction between others is on a constant decline. The phone had a purpose to talk to one another on occasion, however now fulfils a completely different function. Cell phones are incredibly distracting since they usually go wherever their owner goes. Given that you customize your phone to do what you want it to, you rarely get bored of it.     

The cell phone is culturally shocking. No longer do we have Zack Morris, ‘Saved By the Bell’ phones either. The cell phone has not made its way into our culture, rather has created its own. J


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So there we sat in our GH classroom, staring at this new professor, Ian Reilly, who claims he wants to destroy us. He wants us all to be scared until the point of complete engulfment, where we don’t know what to do with ourselves. It was different, but I liked it, because I am always up for a good challenge, especially one I have somewhat of a chance in winning. Creating this blog was no challenge, but more of an innovative spin on how interactions in classes are now taking place. It was like writing an essay – electronic style. I provided my name, a title, and a topic, and before I knew it, the keyboard was typing and here I am. With neatly organized headings and directions on, I found out how to make my blog look the way it does, as well as observe the others in the cyberspace world around me. I feel that anyone who is literate can create what all 95 of us just did.


I think the simplicity that I carry through everything defines who I am, and who others see me as. In the public eye I am a girl who smiles all the time and tries to find the best in any situation. My role in this sphere we call earth is to be a friend. I am no rich genius, creative artist, or even a superstar athlete; just an honest growing girl who is ready to take on anything. Oh, and not to mention, another one of the million bloggers out there. J

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